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Urgent Trademark is for the times your trademark needs to be filed today, if not yesterday. We will expedite the entire trademark process - without skipping any needed steps or cutting any corners - exponentially faster than any other trademark company. Any practical time delay could make or break your eventual trademarking and ultimate business success. If your name, slogan or logo can be successfully trademarked - Urgent Trademark will accomplish all your needed trademarking tasks within a supersonic 10 hours. When we say 10 hours, we mean 10 hours, we know 10 hours - because we've successfully handled over 75,000 trademarks since 1992 - just like yours. 

You will save 2 weeks compared to hiring a trademark attorney or 1 week if using a good trademarking company that also does IP comprehensive reserach - like we do, like you need. IF your chosen name, logo or slogan is LEGALLY BLOCKED, then you could end up saving another 1-2 weeks if you have to go to another mark. Since everything you do for your business start-up spins from a legally clear name, time is essential. 

Urgent Trademark allows you to comprehensively research UP TO 3 names, slogans or logos - at no extra charge - to get 1 LEGALLY CLEAR mark. We ensure your mark is in fact LEGALLY CLEAR of any conflicting OR legally similar marks that may exist. We include true IP comprehensive reserach in over 6500 databases, competitive check verifications and legal analysis with one of our 5 trademark attorneys. Our work is so exhaustive, we have NEVER had a USA or Canadian trademark refusal - as well as any refusal in any other foreign country. We are experts at trademarks.

If you have a squeaky clean name, slogan or logo research report, we can easily complete your trademark filing in our promised 10 hours. Be aware though comprehensive research may prove your mark is legally blocked. It takes extra time to complete competitive checks, trademark attorney analysis and if you have to go to a 2nd or 3rd name, slogan or logo, (at no extra charge), then this additional work will add time and days to our work, even while we expedite your order at each step. Trademarks have their complexities that cannot be rushed. We will never sacrifice the accuracy of our estimated 10 to 20 hours of work. Please call us for a free expert consultation - anytime - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! We'll untangle your true trademark needs. We're ready, if you are!


"If Your Trademark Research Isn't Comprehensive - Then It Isn't Done!"