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Urgent Trademark is for the times your trademark needs to be filed today, if not yesterday. We will expedite the entire trademark process - without skipping any needed steps or cutting any corners - exponentially faster than any other trademark company. Any practical time delay could make or break your eventual trademarking and ultimate business success. If your name, slogan or logo mark can be successfully trademarked - Urgent Trademark will accomplish all your needed trademarking tasks within a supersonic 10 hours. When we say 10 hours, we mean 10 hours, we know 10 hours - because we've successfully handled over 75,000 trademarks since 1992 - just like yours. 

You will save 2 weeks compared to hiring a trademark attorney who also does comprehensive IP research - like we do, like you need. IF your chosen name, logo or slogan is LEGALLY BLOCKED, then you could end up saving 4 weeks if you have to go to another mark - or worse yet save 6 weeks if you have to go to a 3rd choice - like Urgent Trademark covers UP TO 3 marks, to get 1 that is LEGALLY CLEAR. Since everything you do for your business start-up spins from a legally clear name, time is essential. 

Urgent Trademark allows you to comprehensively research UP TO 3 names, slogans or logos - at no extra charge - to get 1 LEGALLY CLEAR mark. We ensure your mark is in fact LEGALLY CLEAR of any conflicting OR legally similar marks that may exist. We include true IP comprehensive research in over 6500 databases, competitive check verifications and legal analysis with one of a network of 5 trademark attorneys we work with. Our expert research is so exhaustive, we have NEVER had a USA or Canadian trademark refusal - as well as any refusal in any other foreign country, since we started in 2010. Similar marks matter in sound, appearance and meaning - as a comprehensive IP search will uncover. Neither the USPTO nor CIPO research beyond their own narrow databases, just 15% of what may affect your legal use. Your mark is affected by MUCH MORE. State trademarks and Common Law uses matter too! 

Your savings with us is great because we are NOT trademark attorneys - BUT we have a trusted network of 5 super experienced trademark attorneys who have an average of 30 years of experience to draw from to analyze your expected 300-500 page comprehensive IP research reports, to answer your every trademark legal question. All attorney time to do with your order is included in our very low fee. Independent attorneys are available for additional trademark legal issues directly at their normal fees.

You do not need a $400/hour trademark attorney to do all your needed IP work - which they will outsource most of it anyway to a firm like us that specializes in your needed comprehensive IP research. This is where you will save $1000 - $3000 per trademark, with Urgent Trademark. It is a very rare trademark attorney who does their own comprehensive IP research, because it takes 6 to 9 hours to accomplish each search including its needed verifications / competitive checks. Please note comprehensive IP research can take a year to learn how to do, as over 6500 databases are involved, to reach expert level. This is why trademark attorneys outsource this needed work. IF any attorney is NOT doing comprehensive IP research for you, then you are NOT talking to a competent attorney. They WILL get refusals and cease & desist orders, which can happen over the next 6 years. Don't let your mark be their next mistake. It's just that simple. 

If you have a squeaky clean name, slogan or logo research report, we can easily complete your trademark filing in our promised 10 hours. Be aware though comprehensive IP research may prove your mark is legally blocked. It takes extra time to complete competitive checks, trademark attorney analysis and if you have to go to a 2nd or 3rd name, slogan or logo, (at no extra charge), then this additional work will add time and days to our work, even while we expedite your order at each step. Trademarks have their complexities that cannot be rushed. We will never sacrifice the accuracy of our estimated 10 or up to 30 hours of work - IF we have go to a 3rd name, slogan or LOGO. Please call us for a free expert consultation - anytime - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week! We'll untangle your true trademark needs. We're ready, when you are!


"If Your Trademark Research Isn't Comprehensive - Then It Isn't Done!"