A Few Words About Us

  “My partner and I could not agree how to run our new start up clothing business. After countless hours, I thought up the name. It's my name. I did it. The name IS the business. I needed to trademark MY name before my ex-partner could snatch it. There's no way he could trademark it faster than Urgent Trademark. Thanks"   Urgent Trademark is a Ventari Ventures, Inc new trademark offering. We have over 25 years of experience trademarking a wide variety of trademark products and servicemark companies. Our expert staff offers it's broad knowledge of trademarks to you for the fastest, yet complete trademark service ever. We have the capacity to easily turn on your trademark filing without sacrificing any needed services. When we say 5 hours, we mean 5 hours, we know 5 hours - because we've done over 75,000 trademarks - just like yours. Please call us for a free consultation - anytime!  
  “I own a sign company in Texas and lo and behold someone opened up across town using a name very close to my business name. I needed to fully protect my name before my attorney could deliver a cease and desist letter to my soon to be changing their name competitor. Urgent Trademark did it. The next day they got it!"  

"If Your Trademark Research Isn't Comprehensive - Then It Isn't Done!"