Why Now?

Here's a few reasons you may need Urgent Trademark - Now.


  • 24 hour expert trademark consultation. Call 800-5TRADEMARK or 800-587-2336.
  • Partnership split - Win the name game trademark race. Trademark it = Own it.
  • Board meeting - Find out right now if a newly proposed name is legally available while you meet.
  • New product launch - Did someone forget to do a comprehensive search to determine if your name, logo or slogan are in fact legally available? Don't make the factory wait.
  • Product graphics - Need an immediate logo design search before going to production? Logos count too.
  • Competition - Let your competitor know you are serious about your intellectual rights.
  • Cease & desist demands - Act first with your own trademarking to strengthen your dates of first use. Then reply with authority. Utilize the services of one of our 5 super experienced, aggressive trademark attorneys. 

"If Your Trademark Research Isn't Comprehensive - Then It Isn't Done!"