Research Up To 3 Marks - To Get 1 Legally Available Mark


5 Hour Trademark $775 Flat Fee
+ USA Trademark USPTO Filing Fee $275
+ Canada Trademark CIPO Filing Fee CA$250 (+ CA$200 in 12 Months)
Call us for European and/or Worldwide trademark orders.  

Service time estimated for one relatively clean search, with few affecting trademark or common law similarities. Conflicting marks will probably add service time needed. Up to 3 names, slogans or logos may be researched until 1 clear name found to be legally available. Also, if doing business in just one State, then State trademark filing fees will be less.


Our very unique expedited trademarking service includes:

  • Expert Consultation - We will make sure we are the service you need.
  • Comprehensive Research - Know for sure your proposed name, slogan or logo is legally available. Estimated 5 hours, per research report.
  • Competitive Checks - When conflicting or similar names are discovered, we will verify their existence. 2 - 4 hours estimated, per research report.
  • Trademark Attorney - Any conflicting or similar mark will be discussed with a trademark attorney. We have 5 expert trademark attorneys. 1 - 2 hours estimated.
  • Trademark Filing - USPTO or CIPO filing the right way, the first time. 2 - 4 hours estimated.
  • Proof of work provided - We'll provided you with copies of all our work and reports for your archives.
  • Free Minor Office Action Coverage (Save Extra $150).
  • Trademark Monitoring for 1 Year (Save Extra $400).
  • IF your mark is LEGALLY BLOCKED, then we will provide upon request Creative Replacement Naming services from NAME-IT for 3 new names provided for FREE.


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$300 Trademark Challenge

We have a challenge for you! IF you find a faster, better trademark company who handles all your needed steps like Urgent Trademark does, then we'll pay you $300 reward! We couldn't find a better source to quickly trademark a name, slogan or logo. Can you?


Please note: Up to 3 names may be searched, until one legally clear name is found. Conflicted or similar names that need competitive checks and/or attorney consultation will necessitate more time than 5 hours. We assure you, each step will be expedited. If your first name, slogan or logo is legally clear, with minimal competitive checks required, we will process your order with 5 hours. Orders must be placed by 11am EST, Monday - Friday.

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Please call us to discuss any of our other trademarking services, such as Logo Design Research, Monitoring and Competitive Checks. We also offer creative naming services NAME-IT and Miramark. 

 5 Hour Trademark $775 Flat Fee.
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"If Your Trademark Research Isn't Comprehensive - Then It Isn't Done!"